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Get solar with ProPhase, get a Level 2 EV charger for free. Yeah, that kind of free.

The kind of free that doesn't require an asterisk and fine print at the bottom of the page. 

With the purchase of a solar system 6kW or larger, ProPhase Electric will provide and install an EV charger within 10' of your  Electric Service Panel, as long as your ESP has enough capacity to support an EV charger, at no cost to you. 

Emporia Level 2 EV chargers are quality, UL listed EVSE chargers capable of charging at up to 48A. Compatible with all EVs on the market today. 

Emporia Energy was named one of "America's Best Home and Garden Brands of 2022" by Newsweek. 


Going solar is smart. Going solar with ProPhase Electric is even smarter.


ProPhase Electric can provide you with a free, professional energy consultation and solar quote in a fast turnaround time to ensure you have a system designed and optimized for your needs. 

We also handle all paperwork, drawings, and plan submissions for permitting and inspections, and workmanship is backed by a 10 year warrantee.


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